Prof. S.K. Khokhar
Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown - King Henry the Fourth, William Shakespeare.

Dear friends

The above mentioned quote says it all, the excitement of getting the position of President in any organization comes with lots of challenges, there are so many thoughts going in your mind on how to improve, strengthen the DOS. This becomes more difficult as my predecessors have done such phenomenal and exemplary work.nds, ladies and gentlemen
  Good Evening to all of you
Few ideas to share ,I would like to make few changes in the academic program ,The number of speakers per session should be reduced ,each session should have one speaker speaking on one subject thus avoiding the over lap .I suggest that the chairman should be give the details of session at least 15 days before so that He can have a look at the talks and fine tune it to avoid repetition of topics.

  The slides provided by companies can be used to explain the concepts, but should be avoided as far as possible, the original work of the speakers should be highlighted
The discussion time must be kept at end of each session and used for the same purpose and not to accommodate extra time used by speakers, audience should be encouraged to participate actively. At the end of session, questions can be displayed for audience to respond and prices can be kept for that
Looking forward to a year of notonly education but also the DOS Cricket match, DOSpicnic, DOS -SAARC meet and international DOS
  I would look to the cooperation and suggestions from all DOS members and blessing from my Seniors, so that I can deliver what ever I am promising
  Prof. S.K. Khokhar
President, Delhi Ophthalmological Society