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  Ask an Ophthalmologist
  It is VERY important you understand a few things before asking a question.
MOST IMPORTANT - This forum does not replace the need for you to seek professional medical advise! You have to use your own discretion when using this forum.
  • The Discussion Forum are public forums and everyone reads your question. All messages posted to the forums will be archived and available to anyone with Internet access and will be accessible via third party Internet search (Google, Yahoo!, MSN, etc.).
  • Remember that discussions in this forum are open to anyone. Don't mention anything which could infringe on the privacy of any individual. More importantly please respect the confidentiality of third parties.
  • Do not treat advice given on this forum as a formal medical consultation or advise.
  • There is no guarantee that the person answering your question is qualified to answer any medical question. Just because they claim to be an authority does not mean they are a certified health care practitioner. Anyone can join this forum and represent them self as having qualifications and credentials they do not have, or being someone they are not.
  • Advice can only be based on what the responder has been told.
  • It is NOT likely that a medical professional will comment on the actions of another.
  • Physicians will not prescribe medication through this forum.
  • Medical professionals do not have the benefit of your / your patient's medical history, a visual examination, or a physical examination. This limits what they can offer as advice.
  • You may find differing opinions from those that respond. Medicine is not an exact, or perfect science. Medical professionals make decisions based on their training, the advice of their peers, years of experience, and the facts that are presented.
  • Advice given to others may not be appropriate for you or your patient. Even if the circumstances are only slightly different.
  The best use of this forum, is to ask questions that are informative. Your questions should focus on areas such as:
  • Information about a specific condition or disease
  • Referrals to hard to find specialists
  • Referrals to support groups
  • Information about a procedure
  • Information about research
  Updated on 24.09.2011